NY Education law 2-D

Data Privacy Officer Assistant

For all educational agencies in New York State

Protecting your student and staff PII has never been easier

New York State has strict guidelines for the usage and storage of private student information. Many educational agencies have bits and pieces of necessary compliance controls, but fail to meet the NYSED standards.

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With the addition of NYS Education Law § 2-d, the team at Micro Solutions created a Data Protection Officer Assistant service to assist school districts with the implementation of this new regulation.

Student data privacy is very important to us all, our service is designed to assist your district’s Data Protection Officer in implementing and maintaining the requirements brought about by NYS Ed Law 2-d.

The thought of meeting all the requirements to become compliant with Ed Law 2-d is without a doubt, overwhelming.

With no additional funding to assist your district, the task may even seem impossible…that’s where Micro Solutions can help!

With the addition of our low cost DPOA service, our dedicated team of experts will be at your fingertips to assist with those tasks that your DPO may not have the time or expertise to manage.

Let’s face it, technology is a large part of our educational system and that isn’t going to change.

As educators, you are faced with the challenge of teaching your students in an ever-changing environment while also ensuring their personal data and information are protected from unauthorized disclosure events.

Between your DPO, IT staff and Administration, that is a hefty undertaking.

Keeping up with daily IT tasks will keep your technology department busy and let’s face it, your administrative team never has a dull moment.  Finding the time to navigate NIST CSF and all the policies, procedures, and paperwork you’re now in need of will be a never-ending overload…

With the service provided by Micro Solutions, we will work hand in hand to get you on the road to compliance.


Below are just some of the components you can expect our experts to assist you with…

  • Incident response and unauthorized disclosure notification assistance. 
  • Review of current Data Privacy and Security policies, update as needed.
  • Provide Parent Complaint form if needed and assist with any complaints received.
  • Work with all technology vendors to secure Data Privacy Agreements and signed Parents’ Bill of Rights for all those with access to Student/Teacher/Principal PII.
  • Report annually to School Board if requested.
  • Ensure all required documents are on school district website.
  • Conduct regular vulnerability scans to determine what holes you may have in your network.  

Micro Solutions also partners with different vendors to provide you additional means to becoming compliant with Ed Law 2-d.

Consistent and up-to-date cybersecurity training is an important part of getting your staff on the road to understanding how bad actors attempt to gain access to private data for their own benefit.  Because of this, we have partnered with KnowBe4 to provide the best training to keep your team on their toes!  KnowBe4 also has training for NYS Ed Law 2-d and FERPA along with simulated phishing emails and so much more.

As being NIST CSF compliant is a requirement, we have solutions available to assist you in tracking your progress along this journey.  Nothing in the world makes life easier than having the necessary reports directly at your fingertips to show your progress when the auditors inevitably arrive.

Micro-Solutions is dedicated to protecting local students' information. That's why we offer a Free Ed Law Section 2-D Website consultation!

Unauthorized releases of personally identifiable information lead to hefty fines and a lasting impact on all affected. Releases can occur regardless of your in-house cybersecurity team's knowledge or skill level.

Third-party contractors storing data may be compromised leaving your educational agency on the hook if you don't have proper vendor agreements in place.

How many vendors does your school have? Do any of your vendors have student information? Are they keeping that information secure? 2-D compliance will answer these questions for you and keep you protected in the case of third-party malevolence.

Proper cybersecurity training is key to maintaining compliance. Just having proper documents uploaded is not enough. Micro-Solutions is proud to partner with KnowBe4 to keep your employees alert at all times.

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KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.

An abundant amount of schools have no Data Privacy Officer listed (DPO). This is step one to becoming compliant. Step two, add a Micro-Solutions Data Privacy Officer Assistant.