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First Heritage Federal Credit Union has a decade-long working relationship with Micro Solutions.

This primarily manifests itself as an as-needed basis for projects that are beyond the realm and scope of their in-house IT person. There are a number of reasons why First Heritage Federal Credit Union continues to use Micro Solutions when there are other options available.

Micro Solutions: First Heritage Federal Credit Union’s Special Projects Solutions

As Karen McGonigal, the IT Manager for First Heritage FCU notes, there is a close relationship between the two companies.

Much of First Heritage’s satisfaction is grounded within the legacy aspect of its relationship with Mike and the other technicians at Micro Solutions. She stated “that legacy knowledge is important as well as…the trust factor and familiarity with the organization. [These] really are huge benefits to a smaller organization.” When First Heritage ramps up for a new project, Micro Solutions is already aware of the basis of their IT system so downtime is limited and integration is seamless.

Ms. McGonigal also noted that Micro Solutions is very responsive to the vital FCU needs of First Heritage.

Kicking IT Security Up a Notch

First Heritage FCU has certain servers that are required in order to be able to deliver the necessary services to their customers. However, they needed to find a better solution for replication and data recovery.

After a planning session with Micro Solutions with the goal of hammering out a plan to best use their budget when it came to data recovery, the IT company brought a very attractive solution to the table. This solution utilized a combination of cloud services and existing hardware that allowed First Heritage to save money without compromising its goals.

During this phase, Mike identified a component that was currently being presented as part of the solution that could be found at a better price and offering more robust features. This move not only save First Heritage money but positioned them for a more workable solution in the future.

Micro Solutions Provides First Heritage with the Recoverability it Needs

First Heritage’s customers demand seamless access to its financial services 24/7/365. As a member-owned credit union, it is vital that First Heritage provide these services to their customers whether they are accessing it via a third party, in the middle of the night or during banking hours.

Bringing their services more in-house enables First Heritage to stay competitive in this continuously evolving world so their rates and services are comparable to their competition.

Micro Solutions provides them with the solutions needed to do so.

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