Case Studies

The Rockwell Museum

Micro Solutions Provides Rockwell Museum with Integral IT Solutions

Rockwell Museum is more than just an art museum. They are also a member of the community in which they exist. They provide art education events, seated concerts, happy hour events, winter lectures, exhibit receptions, and more.

The museum’s education department is extremely active within the Corning, New York Community, serving more than 10,000 students yearly in both outreach events and activities within the museum itself.

In addition, the museum store has almost turned into its own entity where shoppers can come to the store and shop without having to pay admission or to go through the museum if they do not want to do so.

Rockwell Museum Needed a More Cohesive IT Solution

Even given the breadth and depth of the Rockwell Museum’s activities, previously to using Micro Solutions they did not have a strong IT solution in place.

Before bringing Micro Solutions on board for the more day-to-day tasks, the Rockwell Museum was using them for occasional needs as their IT was being handled internally by their controller at the time.

Since it was not his chief job duty, the IT component of the Rockwell Museum never received the attention it needed. When he left abruptly, though, the museum needed to find a reliable and knowledgeable source of IT solutions.

​Streamlining Existing Resources

​The Rockwell Museum collects and assimilates a great deal of information.

As Brett Smith from the Rockwell Museum noted Mike, their contact at Micro Solutions, has been “absolutely amazing. Having someone available to help whether it was on the phone or on those days when he was here being helpful.” Having Micro Solutions as their dedicated source for IT solutions was big — and welcome — change for the Rockwell Museum.

For example, even though the museum had several laptops in the building that were designated for use by employers, they were not utilized correctly.

Many of the staff either did not know that they were available or did not know how to use them appropriately. Mike from Micro Solutions updated all the laptops and trained the staff on how to use them correctly.

​A Look Ahead to the Future

​As Brett stated, “It’s really important to have a proactive approach [to our long-term IT needs] and it was something that we were lacking. Micro Solutions has been helping us with that.”

Now the Rockwell Museum has been helped by Micro Solutions’ TotalCare package that includes a proactive approach that addresses potential issues before they become problems as well.

Brett also noted that he would encourage a colleague that is looking for a forward-thinking IT solutions company to contact Micro Solutions.

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