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Microsoft Office 365 Services

Need help with email services? Let Micro Solutions trained staff help you

migrate, manage and maintain a cloud email and communication system

in Microsoft's always on cloud.

Benefit from the experience and knowledgeable staff at Micro Solutions

as you navigate the countless services offered in this platform.


If you need Office Suite for you desktops, laptops and other devices you

can enjoy the latest versions as they are released by adding it too your

Office 365 subscription.


Need an IM platform for your team? Add Microsoft Teams to your subscription to enable OnDemand communication between your team members.


Already migrated to Office 365 but find your current provider is missing the mark with support and product training?

Already migrated to Office 365? Did you have it secured by your provider? Don't let the out of box configuration be your final step, make sure it's secured!


Give us a call or drop Kristina an email and enjoy the personal care you deserve!


Kristina McCracken | | 607-317-5248



Microsoft Azure

Have you given thought to moving some or all of your resources to the cloud?

Do you need help rounding out a Microsoft Azure environment?

Do you have questions about the security of your current Azure environment?


Microsoft Azure is a enterprise class cloud platform for creating and running server based systems, that once were only deployable on your own network.

Extend current network server capabilities to the cloud. Build virtual desktop environments in your Azure environment. Secure it from the rest of the world.



Cloud Based Backup

Do you have local only backups?

Do you worry about what you'd do if something happened too your local facility?

Are you taking tapes offsite every night?


Micro Solutions, using a few different systems can provide a customized Backup and Disaster Recovery system.

Not only will you have the system but we will also drive the creation of your very own Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan.


Prices starting at $13 per VM to local storage on a montly basis. We also have unlimited cloud storage plans.


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