Little Joe Tower

The Little Joe Tower in Chestnut St, Corning, NY 14830, is a well-known roadside attraction. The tower was built in 1893 and is maintained as a monument to the technological advancements made by the Corning Glass Works. The tower features a bronze statue of Little Joe that is painted on all four sides. Little Joe is the nickname of the glassblower, known as a gaffer. Visitors can also check out the St. Mary's Church, Centennial Park, and Vitrix Hot Glass Studio.

The Little Joe Tower, also known as the Rockwell Museum, is a landmark structure in Corning, New York, USA. It has been a Corning landmark since the late 1800s. This attraction is well worth the trip, and is the perfect way to see a piece of New York history and culture. For children, the Rockwell Museum at Little Joe Tower is a great way to learn about the artist's life.

Located near the Corning Glassworks, this tower was built in 1898. The Little Joe Tower was designed by renowned architect Charles Eames. It stands 60 feet tall and is an iconic structure. To learn more about this building, continue reading. In this article, we'll explore the history of Little Joe Tower, as well as the significance of the structure in Corning.


The Little Joe symbol dates back to the 1880s, when an itinerant painter visited a glass factory in Pittsburgh. Since then, the logo has undergone various changes, but the iconic silhouette of a glassblower has remained a signature of Corning. If you're interested in the history of the Little Joe Tower, check out the plaque below the tower. Once you see it, you'll know exactly when Corning incorporated.

The Little Joe tower was the center of production for most Corning thermometer tubing until the 1970s. The tower was once the only place in the United States to produce thermometer tubes. This process is now automatic, but the Little Joe tower served a practical purpose in the early days. From the 1940s until 1973, the Corning Glass Works produced thermometer tubing by using a process called vertical draw. Glassworkers stretched molten batches up to the tower and cut the length needed for the thermometer.

The Little Joe Tower is an iconic landmark of Corning, New York. It represents the rich history of the city and Corning Incorporated, a company that has impacted the world through glass and technology. Its tower is the last remaining updraw tower in Corning. It stands 187 feet tall and is the most visible tower in Corning, NY. It is a must-see for visitors to the town.

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A visit to Corning, New York, would be incomplete without seeing the landmarks that make Corning so unique and interesting. The Corning Glassworks Arch, located in front of Corning, Inc.'s headquarters and Little Joe Tower, is an iconic piece of Corning. Its rusty, brown color and long, narrow tunnel are perfect for playing with light and are a wonderful addition to any Corning visit.


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