Support & Consulting

Our Technology Support Options:

Option 1:

Micro Solutions TotalCare provides an end to end IT Department for our clients who might not have the need or budget for a full-time business analyst (vCIO), engineer, Level I & II Analyst, helpdesk and all the tools that are required to properly manage and secure today’s technology infrastructure.

The core of TotalCare is a belief that if strict technology standards are adhered too, reactive noise goes down and more time is available for planning, budgeting and overall strategy for the future.

By utilizing the same team members across many clients, we are able to share the services that make up the TotalCare package.

Support Services

This role works directly with the client's end user population remotely and onsite to remediate issues.


This role is in direct contact on a regularly scheduled basis onsite and remotely with the client's ownership or directors providing multiple services.

Centralized Services

This role provides the testing, implementation and maintenance of the various tools used to properly manage and secure our clients networks.

Professional Services

This role provides the Project Management and Project Implementation for all work classified as a project.

Network Administrator

This role is in direct contact on a regularly scheduled basis onsite with the client's Office Manager or IT Manager providing multiple services.



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Option 2:

Micro Solutions FlexForce provides our client with a specific Level I/II or III Analyst scheduled onsite for the duties required to properly maintain the client’s technology environment.

This service works well for a client who has an established technology plan and simply needs a good technical resource to deliver on that plan.


Duties Include:

Onsite scheduled visits for the purpose of firewall firmware, server maintenance, switch maintenance, anti-virus review and other assistance for items that have been built up for the purpose of this visit. Includes servers, workstations, printers, etc..

Other Services