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Welcome to Micro Solutions TotalCare, your all-inclusive partner for IT support, cybersecurity, compliance, and managed services. We specialize in safeguarding businesses of all sizes and industries, ensuring your hardware, software, and critical data remain secure at all times.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

TotalCare offers a personalized package designed to address the specific requirements of your organization. Whether you need expert IT support, robust cybersecurity measures, enhanced physical security, or compliance solutions, our offerings can be customized to match your needs perfectly.

Empowering Your Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

Micro Solutions proudly collaborates with a diverse array of vendors, enabling us to deliver tailor-made toolsets that precisely align with your business needs. Our expansive network of partners allows us to scale our solutions as your organization evolves.


Here's just a few companies we are proud to partner with:





Tailoring Solutions to Your Business

Recognizing the individuality of each business, Micro Solutions offers fully personalized packages to cater to your distinct needs. Whether you're launching a startup or managing a large enterprise, our consulting services are adept at accommodating any business scale and budget, offering you peace of mind.

Consistent and Transparent Pricing

One of the standout advantages of our managed services is the predictability of costs, available to you 24/7. We operate on a flat-rate fee structure, ensuring your expenses remain steady, regardless of any technical challenges. This transparency eliminates the uncertainty of unexpected costs, allowing for effective budget planning.

Boosting Productivity through Proactive Support

Our managed services encompass continuous network monitoring, disaster recovery solutions, and unwavering support. Employing a proactive approach, we identify and address potential issues before they disrupt your operations, effectively minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity.

Round-the-Clock Availability

Partnering with Micro Solutions grants you access to our dedicated team, ready to assist you promptly at any hour. Our steadfast 24/7 support guarantees your business remains on track, free from worries about delays or downtime due to service limitations.

Guiding Your Journey to Long-Term Excellence

Focused on personalized solutions and cloud-based services, Micro Solutions stands as your steadfast ally for sustained success. Allow us to manage your IT support requirements, instilling in you the confidence and assurance needed to streamline your business processes and enhance efficiency.

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