FREE gap assessment! Sign up today and a compliance expert will perform a FREE gap assessment against your compliance control, whether it be law, regulation or 3rd party vendor requirements.

Micro Solutions wants our clients, no matter how small or large to be able to afford a complete compliance strategy, whether it be HIPAA, PCI, NYS 24 500, NIST, NCUA AIRES or NCAA. Our goal is to provide well trained and experienced Virtual Security and Compliance personnel to help all our clients who are regulated or whom simply understand the need for cybersecurity to feel confident in their status.


Services Include:

  • Risk Assessment - Tailored questionnaire to help insure the proper risk is being assessed.
  • Gap Analysis/Assessment - Already have a risk assessment? Let us help you identify and prioritize your approach to getting complaint with your compliance control.
  • Ongoing Compliance Officer Services - Let Micro Solutions compliance experts work with you in an ongoing basis helping you with updates in compliance needs, plans and security.
  • Information Security Plans/Policies - As part of your compliance requirements we will help you develop and understand your plans and policies.

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